When oil was discovered in Kuwait in the 1930's the Al Sayer family was already long established as leading merchants in foodstuffs, spanning the previous two decades. It was a common vision shared by current honorary chairman Mr. Naser Al Sayer, his father Mohammad, and brother Mr. Bader that would prompt the formation of Al Sayer Holding, and the proceeding arduous journey across Asia in pursuit of new ventures. The end result was the first Toyota Landing in Kuwait in 1955, and the beginning of a new chapter in Al Sayer and Kuwaiti history.

Today Al Sayer offers a diverse array of products and services, and prides themselves in giving careful attention to the cultivation of every sector of their business.

Representing some of the best brands in the world, including market leaders in the automotive and heavy equipment supply industries, Al Sayer businesses are present in every aspect of daily life and can claim some of the largest market shares in nearly every industry in which they are dealing.

Al Sayer is regarded as the most customer-centric company in the country, with the ability to offer every client a full and satisfactory solution in the ownership and maintenance of products.