Vehicle model range
LE Hybrid
  • 2.5L Hybrid Engine – 4 Cylinders, 176hp & 118hp for Motor
  • ECVT Transmission
  • Steel Wheels 16-inch
  • Rear Sensors
  • 7-inch Display (Apple Carplay & Android Auto)
  • Smart Key System
    Camry Hybrid Dynamic Performance
    Dynamic Performance The two power sources working together and combined to create a fresh driving sensation. With the smoothness of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) provides impressive performance and handling that is “Whisper Quiet”
    Camry Hybrid Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel efficiency Features low internal friction and high-performance efficiency. Advanced technologies help deliver excellent fuel efficiency in various driving conditions.
    Camry Hybrid Aggressive Design
    Aggressive design The next generation Camry delivers more than just beautiful , enjoyable driving and safety made possible by advanced technology
    LED Headlamps The Camry features projector style LED headlamps that looks great. The headlamps accentuate the bold style and powerful, aerodynamic shape
    Camry Hybrid Steering Wheel Control Switches
    Convenience at your fingertips With steering wheel controls standard across the range, you can control a wide range of features and functions from radio station choice, to input device, to audio volume and phone calls, without taking your hand off the wheel
    Camry Hybrid Drive Mode
    Drive Mode Select Allows the driver to change between Normal Mode, Eco Mode and Power Mode to suit their driving style.
    Wheels Looking good on the streets is easy with Camry’s new aluminum alloy wheel designs. Available in 17 inch & 1 8 inch, no matter where the road takes you, you’ll always get there in style
    9-inch Display A high-definition 9-inch display supported with Apple Carplay & Android Auto 
    Spacious Interior Take a seat and experience Camry's classy interior complete with soft touch materials and quality stitching on the dashboard
    Best AC system A Cool and Comfort ride with Dual-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning to ensure sheer comfort
    Lane Trace Assist (LTA) During expressway driving with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control activated, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) provides assistance with steering maneuvers necessary for staying in the center of the lane
    Pre-Crash Safety System When the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera detect a collision with a vehicle ahead is likely, it alerts the driver with a buzzer and on the multi-information display and activates pre-collision brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If it determines a collision is difficult to avoid, it also activates the pre-collision brakes to help avoid a collision or mitigate its impact force
    Radar Cruise Control In addition to maintaining a constant speed, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control uses radar and camera sensors to detect a vehicle driving ahead and help maintain an appropriate distance between vehicles at all speeds
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