Vehicle Model Range
GR-86 High Option
  • 2.4L Engine – 4 Cylinders - 233hp
  • Automatic Transmission 6 Speeds
  • Alloy wheels 18 inches
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pre-Crash Safety System
  • BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  • LDA (Lane Departure Alert)
  • 8-inch Front Display (Apple Carplay & Android Auto)
  • Rear Camera
    Focus On Driving The horizontally accented instrument panel boasts a look as distinctive as the GR 86 itself. Front seats are supportive but lightweight. Controls are easy to find, and easy to handle. The shapes, the layout…all about driving. Creating a space that unifies car and driver
    Heart Beats Fast Lightweight, compact, with a low center of gravity.
    The horizontally opposed 2.4L four-cylinder engine equipped with D-4S direct injection technology, creates acceleration power. Smooth, Stress-free sensations from low to high rpms. Smooth response to every tap on the accelerator. Enjoy the sense of power at any speed
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission The “D” position provides smooth shifting while selecting “Sport” mode or the “M” position, directly transmitting engine torque using the lock-up control through the full range of the 2nd to 6th gears, providing a linear response when using the accelerator
    Front & Rear Suspension Equipped with a lightweight and highly rigid MacPherson strut system, the front suspension utilizes a layout that provides a “low center of gravity” and “low inertia” in order to maximize the potential of the “Horizontally opposed engine +FR” system. The double wishbone rear suspension is designed to provide “a sense of oneness with the vehicle” and “both nimbleness and stability” to create an exhilarating ride that is unique to FR sports cars
    Lightweight, High-rigidity body To achieve a high level of steering control, weight reduction of the vehicle was sought. As well as an increased use of high-tensile steel plates, aluminum materials for the front fenders, engine hood, engine undercover, and roof were used in order to achieve a thorough lightweight design. Increased lateral bending and torsional rigidity of the body also brings out agile steering control and stable driving performance for high-speed turns
    Aerodynamic Performance Through wind tunnel testing and extensive testing on the actual vehicle, excellent steering response and stability, including front tire contact feel and rear stability of the vehicle has been achieved
    TRACK Mode “TRACK mode” is included as a feature for circuit driving. TRACK mode can also be called “training mode”, which is tuned to support the turning motion of the vehicle by reducing its spinning behavior, also allowing the driver to control the vehicle within a range of motion at extreme limits
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