Vehicle Model Range
    4.2L Diesel
    • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
    • 17-inch Steel Wheels
    • Auto Folding Door
    • 23 Seats
    • Halogen Headlights
    2.8L Diesel
    • 2.8L Diesel Engine – 4 Cylinders, 148hp
    • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission
    • 17-inch Steel Wheels
    • Auto Folding Door
    • 22 Seats
    • LED Headlights
      Comfort with Peace of Mind With the toughness to operate as a working vehicle for extended periods without a break, even on unpaved roads
      Roomy seats with ample space Because passengers are seated for extended periods on long trips, the coaster features a larger spacious interior so they will enjoy the whole trip in comfort
      Reduced interior noise levels Enhanced noise insulation enables passengers to enjoy talking during their trip
      Pursuing ease of use from the driver’s perspective Function switches on the instrument panel are grouped within easy reach
      Extending the Coaster’s reputation for excellent durability The Coaster withstands prolonged use even on unpaved roads and in harsh operating environments
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