Vehicle Model Range
    STD Option - Manual Transmission
    • 1.5L Engine – 4 Cylinders, 96.6hp
    • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
    • Steel Wheels 14 inch
    • 7-inch Display (Apple Carplay)
    • Rear Camera
    • 770kg Payload Capacity
    STD Option - Automatic Transmission
    • 1.5L Engine – 4 Cylinders, 96.6hp
    • 4 Speed Automatic Transmission
    • Steel Wheels 14 inch
    • 7-inch Display (Apple Carplay)
    • Rear Camera
    • 770kg Payload Capacity
    • Wireless Key
      Delivers what you want, where you want, Everytime Dependable and powerful, the consistent performance of the Lite Ace makes this reliable vehicle the preferred partner in commercial transport worldwide
      Built for the long distance The Lite Ace is unmatched in its ability to navigate and traverse dense roads with speed and power
      More space for less loading time Designed to accommodate any load condition, Lite Ace's Square-shaped cargo space ensures that packages can be securely stacked while fully-utilizing corners - making cargo optimization a more intuitive process

      The Freedom of Movement Accessible from cabin to cargo space, drivers will discover newfound freedom within the Lite Ace. The walk-through cockpit enables smooth movement inside the cabin and comes with assist features to aid in daily tasks.
      Sliding door opens from both sides Cargo is easily reached from the Lite Ace's wide-opening sliding doors and can be loaded or unloaded from either the driver or passenger side
      7-inch Display System with Rear Camera The vehicle is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition front screen supported with Apple CarPlay, in addition to a rear camera to assist the driver when reversing
      Economical Engine Whether at low or high speeds, the economical 1.5L engine displaces enormous power for a vehicle of the Lite Ace's class. Low emissions and fuel consumption provides relief to both driver and the environment
      Transmission Available in both 5MT and 4AT, Lite Ace's gear ratio are developed for optimum fuel economy and driving performance
      Dual SRS Airbags Supplemental restraint airbags (SRS) work in tandem with the 3-point
      Lite Ace Black Bumper
      Anti-lock Brake System The Lite Ace's ABS prevents wheel lock-up resulting from abrupt braking, allowing for quick response during emergency situations
      Vehicle Stability Control Providing drivers both balance and support on the road, VSC automatically adjusts braking and engine output to realign during sideways slip
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