Counterfeiting is a worldwide phenomenon and Toyota Motor Company ( TMC) consciously deploy resources to protect our brand and you, our customers and your vehicles. Counterfeit products potentially compromise consumer expectations because they do not meet Toyota Motor Company’s rigorous testing and quality control standards. TMC works tirelessly to prevent them from making their way into the marketplace and onto your vehicle.

Counterfeiting can occur in different ways and forms including few of broad categories below:

Counterfeiting occurs when a third party copies a Toyota Genuine part or package through its own manufacturing process and places a Toyota trademark on it, or when a third party places its own part into a look alike package and attempts to sell the part to the aftermarket as a Toyota Genuine part.

Trademark Infringement:
Trademark Infringement occurs when a party unaffiliated with Toyota uses Toyota's trademarks without authorization. This can occur in many different ways, including the use of Toyota logos or trademarks on advertising materials, signboards , documents & stationary , internet web sites and on social media – digital assets ;Apparel and Merchandise items.

Unauthorized Sales:
Unauthorized sales occur when parts are distributed via an unauthorized channel.Some examples of unauthorized sales can occur when:

  • Products from the authorized production or manufacturing facilities are diverted from the authorized distribution channel and thus not subject to Toyota’s quality-control procedures.
  • Parts not meeting Toyota quality standards are not properly destroyed or scrapped but diverted to local market.
  • Theft of Toyota Genuine products enters the marketplace
  • Grey imports ( products purchased from other markets , which may not be suitable for local conditions , are diverted to local Kuwait market ) and sold at high discounted priceand without warranty.

Trade Dress :
Trade dress is a form of intellectual property which generally refers to the characteristics of the visual appearance of a product or its packaging that signify the source of the product to consumers.

Mohmad NaserAl Sayer & Sons Co , Kuwait are the sole distributors of Toyota Motor Company , we strive to protects the loyal Toyota customers against parts that fall into any of these categories above.If you feel that you have obtained or are aware of a part that fits one of these categories, we seek your feedback as it relates to parts or parts packaging that you feel are not Genuine.
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Protect your car and your family from the risks of counterfeit parts. You enjoy Peace of mind when buying Toyota Genuine parts.

MNSS Toyota Kuwait Parts Retail outlets will always sell only Toyota Genuine Parts.

  • All Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured with the exact standards as Toyota cars and are designed specifically for your Toyota.
  • All our parts carry a 6-month Toyota Warranty*.
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