Toyota Genuine Maintenance Parts

Oil Filters| Cabin Air Filters | Fuel Filters | Spark plugs

Benefits of using Toyota Genuine Maintenance Parts

Oil Filters

  • Reliably remove all dirt particles from oil circulating through the engine and safeguard the quality of the engine’s oil supply under all operating conditions. Leading to a minimal Engine wear.
  • Offer a high degree of resistance due to their stable construction, even in the case of high oil viscosity, such as during cold start phases or when atmospheric temperatures are low.
  • Withstand load peaks of up to 20 bar (290 PSI), due to their pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant housings.
  • Don’t let anything get past them. They are equipped with high quality sealant materials and precisely fitting connectors.
  • Feature filter meshes that are precisely designed to meet the high performance demands of modern engines.

Spark plugs

  • Are specifically designed for each engine type and work reliably, permitting the engine to operate at peak performance.
  • Provide a high degree of resistance to corrosion and deposit formation.
  • Provide stable sparking due to finely designed electrodes and ensure complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture through rapid flame propagation.
  • Reduce the voltage required for ignition due to low electrode wear. This means greater reliability between the spark plug’s specified replacement intervals.
  • Provide very smooth running performance and driving comfort throughout the entire engine speed range, thus permitting precise engine responsiveness.
  • Protect against localized overheating and resulting damage, thanks to their heat-dissipating complex design.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and therefore emissions due to exact positioning of sparks in the combustion chamber.

Air Filters

  • Air Filters are exactly matched to each Toyota engine type. They assist in ensuring that the fuel-air mix is free of particulate matter and precisely metered, so that the engine is able to operate at optimum performance.
  • Reliably filter out all sizes of dirt particles in the air while simultaneously ensuring a precisely defined volume of intake air.
  • Possess a high absorption capacity due to the engine-specific geometry of their filter paper folds, to their special paper embossing and creasing, and to their large filtering surfaces.
  • Fit exactly into their respective filter housings and provide a perfect seal. This prevents any unfiltered air from entering the engine.
  • Ensure that specified fuel consumption and harmful emission levels do not increase over time – benefitting both the environment and your pocket both.

Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters ( CAF)

Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters removes dust , pollen, and other unwanted particles from the outside air before it passes into the cabin and cleans air that is recirculated inside your vehicle. To maintain a clean cabin environment , it is necessary to replace the Cabin Air Filter periodically. Even with thorough air blowing , it is impossible to remove the dirt form the CAF. If you use an old or non-genuine Cabin Air filter you could find yourself into the situations like – Car Air conditioner not working properly , Passenger cont stop sneezing, a strange noise comes from the air conditioner .To protect your health , always change the CAF periodically and insist on using the Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filter.