Toyota Genuine Injector Cleaner

Did you know?​

Over time, fuel injectors become clogged with deposits of fuel impurities and accumulated dust, which can cause issues such as reduced engine power, poor fuel economy and increased emissions , thusitaffects the overall performance of your car.​

How it works ?

The special active ingredients in Toyota Genuine Injector Cleaner work hard to thoroughly remove carbon deposits from areas like injection nozzles, intake valves, spark plugs, and combustion chambers. It can rapidly penetrate these deposits, breaking them down so they can be dissolved into the fuel and burnt as part of the combustion process.A clean fuel injector can restore engine power, achieve better accelerator response, and ensure a smoother engine start-up. It can restore your engine to its new car performance. You will feel the difference in your car.


  • Restore combustion efficiency
  • Restore acceleration performance
  • Stabilize idling
  • Prevent engine knocking

It removes deposits from the injection nozzles, prevents poor combustion, and restores engine performance. It removes deposits from the combustion chambers and minimizes engine knocking.

When to do it?

If your car is experiencing symptoms like rough idling, poor fuel economy, insufficient power, slow engine response, or engine noise;This could be due to a dirty fuel injector.

To maintain your car's optimal performance, Toyota Genuine Injector Cleaner is recommended at every periodic maintenance service or may be used as required to help restore engine performance.

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