Toyota Genuine Engine Flush Additive

    • Designed for Use with Toyota Genuine Parts : Safe to use on all the parts and components inside your Toyota Engine.
    • Eco Friendly Product – Requires less fluid than other flushing agents( 400 ml)

    Did you know?

    Sludge and varnish tend to build up inside your vehicle engine, dirtying the engine oil and accelerating the engine wear. Toyota Genuine Engine Flush Additive quickly removes these deposits from the inside of the engine. It also helps your engine idle more smoothly and improve the fuel efficiency.

    When to do it?

    Recommended in the following situations

    • High Annual Mileage – long running vehicles.
    • Frequent short trips (Short distance commute to work, use only on week ends or to pick up children …)
    • Stop and Go Driving – Prolonged idling or driving in congested traffic.
    • Frequent Off – Road driving
    • Long period between oil changes
    • When fuel efficiently of vehicle has decreased.

    Toyota Genuine Engine Flush Additive is available exclusively at Toyota Service.


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