Toyota Air Care


All New Air-Con Cleaning Technology Powered by Specialized Machine and Qualified Technician

  • Genuine service quality from Toyota
  • Thorough cleaning to remove impurities for clean and healthy cabin air
  • Automated process to ensure consistent quality

To offer customer a cleaner cabin environment and a healthier drive, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons has announced the launch of Air Care, only available at Toyota Service Centers. Air Care is a revolutionary air-con cleaning technology jointly introduced in Kuwait by ALSAYER Group Service and Spare Parts Division.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Every Journey

The automated maintenance service utilizes the Toyota Air Care machine with a unique cleaning solution to remove bacteria, mold and impurities settled in the evaporator coil. The new technology also prevents the inconvenience to the customers from low cooling or expensive repair cost, if the car air conditioner is left unclean for long period.

Evaporator is responsible for cooling the vehicle’s cabin air. Some of the benefits for customers with Air Care Service includes:

  • Get rid of germs, fungus and bacteria which may lead to allergy and unpleasant odors
  • Optimize air-con cooling performance
  • Fresher and cleaner air inside the vehicle
  • Enhances the life of air-con evaporator

Unique Toyota Patented Technology:

Toyota believes that improving quality standards and performance requires innovation and advanced technology.

Toyota has recruited several qualified technicians and engineers backed by rigorous training at reputed universities and technology institutes who have demonstrated best hands on experience to develop equipment with advanced technology that has a positive impact for customers.

Air Care Machine is fully developed by Toyota and the USP’s are:

  • Air Care service uses special cleaning agent and tools to clean your vehicle’s air conditioner.
  • It uses robotic technology which eliminates the need to dismantle the dashboard.
  • Air care takes only one hour to perform compared to the others which takes longer hours.

Ask for Toyota Air Care

Toyota Air Care is now available at all ALSAYER Service Centers, for optimal performance it is recommended at every 30,000 KMS or 12 months (whichever comes first). Book an appointment with your Toyota Service Advisor today.

Mohamed Naser Al Sayer continues to guarantee highest customer satisfaction with genuine parts and quality service. Al-Sayer Toyota operates 17 parts outlets and 6 service centers across Kuwait offering best in town convenience for customers.