Toyota Genuine Replacement Parts

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Benefits of using Toyota Genuine Replacement Parts

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads

  • Ensure better braking performance and shorter braking distances, and thus provide optimal safety for a wide range of climatic conditions and speeds.
  • Specially designed to match the vehicle’s weight and top speed. This means that the material composition, the weight and the thickness of the discs and pads varies according to type of engine used.
  • Can withstand extremely punishing conditions. Although the brake pads can be applied to the discs with a ton of force during an emergency stop, the brake discs will not warp or break.
  • React reliably even under extreme operating temperatures.
  • Operate quietly and smoothly. They produce no loud noises and no vibrations can be felt on the brake pedal.
  • Provide a long service life when Genuine Brake discs and Genuine Brake pads are used.

Toyota Genuine Suspension parts

  • Shock absorbers cushion the impact of any bumps on the road , ensuring smooth ride. They also work to absorb the cars weight when cornering , which helps maintain the driving stability.
  • Your vehicle could have strut type of shock absorber or bar type of shock absorber. They contain oil and gas to absorb the impact of bumps on the road.
  • When shock absorbers are worn out the gas and oil will leak out ad they will stop functioning properly.
  • If you use worn or counterfeit shock absorbers , you could find yourselves in any of these situations like My car feels unstable , passengers feel uncomfortable while in the car , car tilts and you find it difficult to drive.
  • Choose Toyota Genuine Shock absorbers which are best suited for your Toyota and to get the smooth and comfortable ride.

Toyota Genuine Electrical and Lighting Parts

  • Vehicles electrical system is composed of several smaller sub-electrical systems connected through wiring harness and electrical components. It consists of ignition system, charging system, starting system, fuel system, lighting system, etc. which work together harmoniously.
  • Various components like fuse, relay, battery, alternator, starter motor, ICU , sensors, actuators, motors, gauges, power windows, radio, headlights, sunroof, and many other electrical components are there in the vehicle.
  • The alternator is the main component of the charging system. It supplies the electrical charge to the battery and accessories.
  • The ignition system consists of many components such as ignition coils, spark plugs, batteries, fuse, and relay.
  • The starter motor is the main basic component in the starting system.
  • A fuel system consists of a fuel pump, fuel filter, inertia safety switch, fuse, and relay.
  • Vehicle lighting systems are important for empowering the driver and others on the road to see when it is dark. This means they can drive safely at night and can also signal others when making a turn, when slowing down or stopping, or when opening the door to get out of the car in the dark. The lighting system has various components, some of the basic and common ones include the headlights, taillights, the interior lights, and the related fuses.
  • Vehicle electrical are becoming more and more complex as vehicle technology advances , hence use of Toyota Genuine Electrical and Lighting parts is recommended.

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