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The last 85 years have brought incredible advancements in mobility technology. But we’re only getting started. The prototypes on this page are a glimpse of the future we’re building at Toyota—where all of humankind is free to move.


The future of mass transit is personal.

TOYOTA CONCEPT-i RIDE will transform mass transportation into a personable experience for everyone. Its gull wing design, pedal-less acceleration and braking, and joystick steering make it an accessible, easy drive for wheelchair users.


Concept vehicles shown.


Where cars can't go, it can.

Designed for sidewalks, TOYOTA CONCEPT-i WALK autonomously takes users around their city and can be ridden with footwear for any occasion.

Concept vehicle shown.


More than a machine, a partner.

The leader of our CONCEPT-i Series, TOYOTA CONCEPT-i uses artificial intelligence to connect with its driver―learning, protecting and inspiring them on the road ahead.

Concept vehicle shown.

Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands Report 2019 TOYOTA Ranked Best Global Automotive Brand

Interbrand, a brand consultancy firm has ranked Toyota as the best automotive brand in the Best Global Brands report for 2019 that was announced recently.

Considering Interbrand’s unparalleled wealth of 20 years of brand valuation data, this year’s report examines the world’s most successful brands through the lens of Iconic Moves, focusing on the end of a traditional approach to brand positioning and industry leaders’ navigation of the rapid ongoing change among consumers and competitive landscapes.

Toyota Supports Tokyo 2020 with Specially-designed ‘APM’ Mobility Vehicle

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, announced recently that to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, it is developing a special new product, the APM (Accessible People Mover), a mobility vehicle designed expressly for use at the Games.