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Global Team Toyota Athlete

Ahmad Almutairi

Athletics - Paralympic

Sports (Disciplines / Events) - Athletics (Track)

Date of Birth - 1994/5/13

Nationality - Kuwait

Supporting Company - Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Est. Co. W.L.L.

Photo by Getty Images

His early athletic talent has appeared since he was a student. He joined Kuwait Disabled Sport Club in 2009. He practiced the wheelchair basketball at first. Then, the athletics coach discovered his great potentials. So, he advised him to practice athletics (Racing on Wheelchairs). His first international participation was in 2009. He has broken the world records of Wheelchair Racing (100m) (200m) (400m). He holds the current world records for those racing events.

“I am determined to further develop and improve my sports performance at international level and my passion is to motivate the younger generation of my country to have a fighting spirit and a strong will at challenging”.

Most Remarkable Achievements

  1. Gold Medals: 39
  2. Silver Medals: 32
  3. Bronze Medals: 20

Paralympic Games 2016 – Rio de Janeiro:

- a gold medal at “Racing on Wheelchair 100m Competitions”

World Athletics Championship – London 2017:

- a gold medal at “Racing on Wheelchair 100m Competitions”

Asian Games – Jakarta 2018:

- a gold medal at “Racing on Wheelchair 100m Competitions” - a silver medal at “Racing on Wheelchair 200m Competitions”


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