• Gray Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • Precious White Pearl
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • Super White II
  • Dark Blue Mica
  • Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic
  • Dark Red Mica Metallic
  • Attitude Black Mica
  • Black
  • Black
  • Grey



A majestic design that shines on roads


Sophisticated LED headlamps with an intelligent AHS system to help achieve excellent visibility


High-quality Alloy wheels with charming design



A majestic design that shines on roads Headlights Wheels Sunroof

Classy Interior

A cabin characterized by complete comfort and exceptional spaciousness

Luggage Room

A switch allows you to automatically stow the third-row seats under the floor to create ample storage room

Seat Configuration

All seats can be flexibly arranged to suit the number of passengers onboard and the amount of luggage being carried

Front Display

High resolution 12.3-inch touch screen display supported with the Apple Carplay & Android Auto systems which gives a high-end entertainment experience

Multi information Display

Helps you keep an eye on the information you want

Panoramic View Monitor PVM (4 Cameras)

Air Conditioning

The world’s most advanced air conditioning system features 4-zone front/rear right/left independent temperature control, ensure a comfortable cabin environment for all occupants in all driving conditions.

JBL Sound System

JBL sound system with 14 speakers that optimally positioned throughout the cabin to create a quality sound space.

Electronic Parking Brake with Hold Function

A/C & Heater Seats Systems

Mobile Wireless Charger

Head up Display (HUD)

Power Back Door


Classy Interior Luggage Room Seat Configuration Front Display Multi information Display Panoramic View Monitor PVM (4 Cameras) Air Conditioning JBL Sound System Electronic Parking Brake with Hold Function A/C & Heater Seats Systems Mobile Wireless Charger Head up Display (HUD) Power Back Door


A newly developed V6 twin-turbo engines (3.5-liter gasoline and 3.3-liter diesel) are used to achieve class-leading driving performance with surprising fuel efficiency. Also featuring the 4.0-liter V6 produces exceptional power at all rpms and in all situations


10 Speeds automatic transmission offers outstanding acceleration for a seamless and pleasant driving experience

Multi-terrain Select

Multi-terrain select is a revolutionary system that enables you to drive over all kinds of road surfaces

Multi-terrain Monitor

Four cameras of the vehicle enable to display different views of the terrain outside, system enable to see the surrounding conditions even when cresting a hill or driving on extremely uneven ground

Front Differential Lock

In addition to the rear differential lock, there is a new front differential lock. Even on rough roads, when one wheel is lifted off the ground, the system distributes driving force optimally to the grounded tire. This improves escape performance and provides excellent rough-road driving performance

Crawl Control

Crawl Control helps provide optimal throttle and brake control, maintaining a constant low speed to support safe, sure driving on sand, dirt, rock, snow, mud, steep grades, or other surfaces that require fine accelerator control

Turn Assist Function

Turn Assist System supports driver by helping him to smoothly execute turns that would otherwise require multiple steering adjustments


Engine Transmission Multi-terrain Select Multi-terrain Monitor Front Differential Lock Crawl Control Turn Assist Function

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control detects a vehicle ahead via millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera, and by adjusting speed within a preset range depending on the speed of the preceding vehicle, helps maintain a safe distance while ensuring follow-up and deceleration cruising. This greatly reduces driver stress during highway driving and similar circumstances.

Pre-Crash Safety System

Using millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera sensors, the system detects vehicles and pedestrians (day- & nighttime) and bicyclists (Daytime), which the vehicle is approaching. If it determines that there is a high possibility of a frontal collision, it increases brake pressure to optimize collision avoidance.

Lane Tracing Assist

During Expressway driving with dynamic radar cruise control activated, LTA provides assistance with steering  maneuvers necessary for staying in the center of the lane

Adaptive High Beam System

While maintaining a high beam, it automatically shades the portion of the beam that shines on approaching and forward vehicles, providing excellent visibility at night

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing up, RCTA detects rear approaching vehicles in hard-to-see areas. In addition, to help avoid collision, the Rear Camera Detection (RCD) detects pedestrians near the rear of the vehicle

Blind Spot Monitor

If a vehicle is in the outer mirror’s blind spot or fast approaching in the adjacent lane when changing lanes, the BSM’s mirror indicator turns on to alert the driver. If the turn signal is then activated

SRS Airbags

Airbags and knee airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger, side airbags for first and second rows, and curtain-shield airbags for all three rows support passenger safety in the event of a collision


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Pre-Crash Safety System Lane Tracing Assist Adaptive High Beam System Rear Cross Traffic Alert Blind Spot Monitor SRS Airbags
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