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When you’re driving the FJ Cruiser, there’s no obstacle that you can’t overcome. Sporty and powerful, it’s packed with technology and safety features that mean you’ll be confident behind the wheel every mile you drive.


Unique Rugged Design

The retro-styled FJ is a vehicle that attracts attention. With legendary off road abilities, the new FJ Cruiser has a uniquely rugged car design and Toyota's famous rugged durability - with an iconic white roof, round headlamps integrated within the front grille, wrap-around rear windows and over fenders. This modern evolution of the classic FJ40 lines pays homage to the automotive legend of 4WD adventures.

Underbody protection

When it comes to protecting the belly of the beast, the FJ Cruiser's underside has three skid plates which helps provide a safe haven for the radiator, power steering rack, engine and transfer case.

Glass hatch rear window

The smart and convenient glass hatch can be opened independently by the key and sits at the top of the back door. It enables you to access the luggage area without opening the door itself.

Power of three

Three front windscreen wipers help maximize visibility in the worst conditions; it doesn’t matter what the weather is. You’ll always be able to see the road – or track - ahead.


Unique Rugged Design Underbody protection Glass hatch rear window Power of three

Comfortable Seats

FJ Cruiser's interior has been designed to be as comfortable as possible for both the driver and passengers. The seating in FJ Cruiser has been designed to provide both comfort and support. The seatback also tilts forward 40 degrees for easy rear seat entry and exit.

Easy Entry and Exit

The FJ Cruiser features unique rear access doors that open wide - almost 90° in fact – for easy entry, exit, or loading and unloading into the back.

Water-Repellent Seats

The durable, water-repellent, breathable five-layer upholstery for the front and rear seats allow for easy wipe down. The back of the rear seats also have a hard covering, offering protection from dirty work boots, tools, etc and other potentially messy cargo.

Generous Interior

There's plenty of room in the rear of the cabin for sports equipment, camping gear, and extra luggage as well as your passengers. All this makes the FJ Cruiser your ideal partner for true off road adventures.

Removable seat cushions for extra room

Inside the FJ Cruiser, there's plenty of room for up to five adults. However, if you only have two passengers and want extra luggage space, the rear seats cushions have been designed to be easily and quickly removable - creating an area for extra cargo.


Comfortable Seats Easy Entry and Exit Water-Repellent Seats Generous Interior Removable seat cushions for extra room

Steering wheel controls

Inside the FJ Cruiser, you'll find convenience at your fingertips on the three spoke steering wheel with built-in controls allowing you to adjust your car's audio and answer your Bluetooth compatible mobile phone - all without taking your hands off the wheel. Adjust the volume of your music, select a track on your CD, flick to a pre-set radio station, or switch between audio modes - it's all within easy reach.

Surround sound experience

Listen to your favorite music with superb sound quality. The FJ's in car technology is impressive with an 10 speaker audio system with sub woofers.

Reverse with accuracy

Despite its impressive size and stature, reversing the FJ Cruiser is made incredibly easy - thanks to two reverse parking sensors which are installed on the rear of the vehicle.

Smart suspension

FJ Cruiser boasts high-mounted, double wishbone heavy duty suspension which is utilized to optimize handling stability and ride comfort.

To achieve the optimum balance between handling stability, ride comfort and off-road capability, FJ Cruiser uses a five-link heavy duty suspension system.


Steering wheel controls Surround sound experience Reverse with accuracy Smart suspension

Rear Differential Lock

When heading off road, and into more challenging terrain, you can choose to activate the Rear Differential Lock when 4WD is engaged. This restricts the movement of the differential - and ensures traction is optimized on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Activating this off road mode is quick and easy, thanks to a switch that's conveniently located on your dashboard.

Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

Active Traction Control (A-TRC) is a smart technology that works to provide additional handling and control when tackling off road situations.

Since every environment is different and requires a different driving style. It can be used as an alternative to activating the rear diff lock.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

When it comes to handling, the FJ Cruiser's Traction Control goes hand-in-hand with another important piece of on road technology: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

This system helps your FJ Cruiser hold its direction when cornering in tricky situations or when a sudden swerve is required.

It does this by automatically adjusting the engine's output and braking force that goes to each wheel in situations of understeer (a front wheel sideways skid) and over steer (a rear wheel sideways skid).

CRAWL Control

FJ Cruiser is equipped with 5-speed CRAWL Control, which automatically controls the brakes and throttle to maintain the vehicle at a steady speed, so you can give full concentration to steering. The system minimizes wheel spin and wheel lock up, giving you excellent steering control, even on slippery, uneven terrain or steep gradients. It's also very handy driving through water.


Rear Differential Lock Active Traction Control (A-TRC) Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) CRAWL Control

The ultimate in performance

FJ Cruiser has a 4.0L V6 engine with a Dual Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) and produces an impressive 200kW of power. So whether you're tackling a rocky incline, a sand dune, or even just a long stretch of open road, FJ provides all the power and acceleration you need.

5 speed automatic transmission

In terms of transmission, the FJ Cruiser is a 5 speed automatic allowing for hassle-free driving, no matter where the road takes you.

Fuel Efficiency

FJ Cruiser has a part time 4x4 system. When all four wheels aren't engaged, and the going isn't as tough, your vehicle uses less fuel - meaning you can enjoy greater fuel economy. Then, when you're heading off road, or when the conditions become slippery or muddy, you can activate 4WD as and when it is required.

Impressive towing capacity

For all your off road adventures, you need a powerful vehicle that you can rely on no matter where you're heading.

And when it comes to pulling power FJ Cruiser has a robust towing capacity of 2250kg - which enables you to carry considerable weight and easily tow boats, caravans and trailers.


The ultimate in performance 5 speed automatic transmission Fuel Efficiency Impressive towing capacity

Built with Maximum Protection

To help make sure everyone stays safe in the event of an accident, the FJ Cruiser comes with SRS side airbags on both front seats to help prevent torso injuries to the driver and passenger. Should a side collision occur, the SRS curtain shield airbag deploys almost instantly - to cover the area around the front and rear side windows, reducing the force of impact to the head area - helping to protect passengers in both the front and rear of the car. This system of six SRS airbags works together with the FJ Cruiser's seat belts to help keep everyone protected.

Pre-collision safety

The camera screen is cleverly integrated into the vehicle's anti-glare electro chromatic mirror and provides a live rear view that can help you reverse with greater ease, aware of any obstacles that may be in your way.

It emits a clear signal on a 3.3 inch LCD monitor that is easy to see.

Brake System

FJ Cruiser includes a sophisticated braking system using innovation and technology to help maximize car safety.

A hydraulic brake booster unit in the FJ Cruiser also facilitates several braking technologies - including Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

Engine immobilizer

For added security protection, FJ Cruiser comes fitted with engine immobilizer.

The engine immobilizer system is automatically set when you remove the key from the ignition. The indicator light will start flashing to show that the system is set. The immobilizer system recognizes the key and automatically cuts the engine and fuel injection whenever the key is removed from the car.


Built with Maximum Protection Pre-collision safety Brake System Engine immobilizer

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