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The Coaster is truly the best choice for your business. The rigid body frame along with the use of the latest, advanced technology enabling reduced noise levels and increased cabin space, means the new generation Coaster takes dependability, safety and comfort to a new level of excellence.

Exterior Design

Practical and sturdy, the exterior design of the Toyota Coaster has been crafted to cope with the toughest of conditions


Mudguards at the front and rear protect the body of the bus and halogen headlamps provide excellent visibility of the road ahead to make journeys safer.

Large Roof Vents

Large roof vents supply ample air for ventilation, both natural and fan assisted. Rear quarter exhaust vents keep air flowing efficiently throughout the bus.


Exterior Design Durability Large Roof Vents

Spacious & Comfortable Interior

With its spacious, comfortable cabin, the Coaster feels like a family sedan. And its pleasant interior is just one of many welcome features.

Driver comfort

When you spend all day at the wheel, you really value your creature comforts. And Toyota Coaster gives you plenty. It all starts with an ergonomic seat, dash, gear lever and steering wheel combination.

Storage Tray

Comfortable driver seat with storage tray beneath provides space to hold documents and other items.

Passenger comfort

A comfortable passenger is a happy passenger. The Coaster boasts generous headroom and legroom, ample space between seats, high ceiling, large windows and 4 speaker MP3 compatible CD sound system.


Spacious & Comfortable Interior Driver comfort Storage Tray Passenger comfort

Easy Entry and Exit

Power sliding doors for added convenience.

Personalized Comfort

Adjustable cool air registers for every passenger.

Central Air-conditioning

Central air-conditioning keeps air circulating and cool within the vehicle.


Easy Entry and Exit Personalized Comfort Central Air-conditioning

Stable Performance

Coaster's 2.7-litre gasoline engine producing 145 HP with five-speed manual transmission gives enough power which makes it easy to pull out from the kerb, overtake on freeways and suitable for towing on long trips away


Maintenance checks are easy, just lift the hatch between the front seats.


Stable Performance Maintenance

Wide Rear Windscreen

Wide rear windscreen improves visibility.

Brake Lights

The brake lights are easy for following drivers to see.

Front Disc Brakes

Front disc brakes provides responsive braking performance.

Safety Window

The large driver's safety window makes it easier to spot obstacles.


Wide Rear Windscreen Brake Lights Front Disc Brakes Safety Window
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