Corolla – “World’s Best-Selling & Favourite Vehicle” since 1966.

Taking its name from the ring of petals around the centre of a flower, For 50 years, Toyota Corolla has been among the “World’s Best-selling Vehicles” in its segment and has made significant records of various kinds.

World Wide Corolla Success Stories

After Being Driven Continuously for 560,000 km, the First-Generation Corolla is Still Raring to Go

Driven almost a million kilometres is an amazing milestone to hit

The third-generation Corolla was billed as the "ultimate family car" is a testament to the quality of Toyota’s engineering

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The life of World’s favourite car

Toyota Corolla : World’s Most Popular Vehicle – “A legend in its own right”

The 1st Generation - 1966

In Pursuit of the 80-Plus Points Concept

The 2nd Generation - 1970

An Evolution in Driving and the Arrival of a Sports Car Model

The 3rd Generation -1974

A Larger Body to Meet Regulations for Collision Safety and Emissions

The 4th Generation -1979

A form based on Straight Lines and Increased Variation

The 5th Generation - 1983

A Major Shift to FF and the Birth of the FR “86

The 6th Generation - 1987

A High-Quality Sedan for the World

The 7th Generation - 1991

A High-Class Corolla Modeled After the Celsior

The 8th Generation - 1995

The Pursuit of a Slim Body Design and New Derivative Models

The 9th Generation - 2000

Restarting From the Beginning for a Modern Elegance

The 10th Generation - 2006

The 11th Generation - 2014

The 12th Generation

The best became best in Style and Technology

World Sales Leader - over 44.1 million Corollas have been sold globally

Since the launch of the first-generation in 1996, The Corolla is currently produced at 15 plants worldwide sold over 150 countries and regions world-wide, accounts for one in five vehicles sold in Toyota's 76-year history.

Number of Global Cumulative Sales 44.1million

Since the launch of the first-generation Corolla in 1966, over 44.1 million Corollas* have been sold globally.

How long would it be if all 44.1 million units of the Corolla were connected in one line?

Approximately 5 rounds of the earth

The equator of the earth is approximately 40,000km. It would correspond to around 194,000km* if 44.1 million units of the Corolla which have been sold across 50 years were connected in one line. This would cover around 5 rounds of the earth.

The length of the current generation Corolla for Japanese market (4.4m) times 44.1 million units. In actuality, the body size of the Corolla differs depending on the market and the model.

What is the ratio which the Corolla accounts for among the total number of Toyota’s global sales since its creation?

1 out of 5

Since Toyota’s founding around 80 years ago, over 230 million vehicles have been sold. Within that number, approximately 44.1 million units of the Corolla have been sold, with 1 out of 5 cars being a Corolla.

What is the rate at which the Corolla is being sold worldwide?

1 unit per 15 seconds (approx.)

1.34 million vehicles sold in 2015 would arrive at an average of 5,850 units sold per day. So, we could say that one Corolla is sold in about every 15 seconds worldwide.

Assuming that selling days at dealership in 2015 are 229 days (based on the U.S. calendar).

The Number of Countries and Regions where the Corolla is being sold

Over 150 countries and regions

50 years have passed since the first-generation Corolla was exported to Australia in 1966. Currently, the Corolla is sold in over 150 countries and regions.

Among the 1.34 million units sold globally in 2015, North American sales of the Corolla accounted for the highest figure, with annual sales hitting approximately 411,000units. China comes after North America, with sales at around 306,000units.

The total driving distance of the Corollas that were sold in 2015

More than 50 round trips between the earth and the sun

The total driving distance of 1.34 million units sold in 2015 would assumably be at least more than about 1.51 billion km, the distance* with which you could travel more than 50 round trips between the earth to the sun.

Calculated based on the distance between the Earth and the Sun (14.96 million km) and average driving distance per a car in a day for normal use drivers (110.85km) and the average annual use frequency (28% in 2015).
Source: “Motor Vehicle Transport Survey” (2015) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

The total Production Volume

Total in Japan: 26 million, Total Outside of Japan: 18 million

Corolla production outside of Japan started in Malaysia and Australia in 1968*. Today, the annual Corolla production outside of Japan exceeds that of the production in Japan, which is the symbolic milestone of the Corolla, signifying that it is truly a global model not only in terms of sales, but also in terms of production.