Observation Hall at Scientific Center in its New Look

تاريخ: 22.10.2016

Under the auspices of Minister of Higher Educating, His Excellence Bader Hamad Al Eassa , Scientific Center, a subsidiary of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science, opened the observation hall following its renovation. Chairman of Scientific Center , Mr. Sami Fahad Al Rasheed announced that the display items represent a new move and development in the quality of displayed items presented by Scientific Center to its visitors of entertaining education lovers, after seven years of hosting various mobile exhibitions coming to a total of 12 exhibitions, with more than 680 thousand visitors since 2009. This is because Scientific Center embarked on a policy based on simplification of science and promotion of environmental awareness in an entertaining atmosphere as a key objective set when the work team reviewed more than 300 hundred interactive display items. The best of these was selected based on the great scientific value and fun of education offered. Scientific Center was keen to diversify the scientific issues to be covered by such displays to ensure that such scientific benefits reach to as many visitors as possible. The exhibition  is planned to provide visitors and students with high quality education tools blended with entertainment and fun. Al Rasheed further commented that the seaside of Science Center has been extended to 1.4 km providing impressive view  of Kuwait city for its visitors by adding 18 interactive display items at the walk passageway . Most noticeable of these is “ Lift Your Car” which allows visitor to lift a Toyota car by a pull rope only.  He valued the kind sponsorship by Al Sayer Group Holding for providing this sort of display , and their support for Scientific Center mission.

Director of Education Operations, Reham Al Habeeb commented that the best and most appealing topics to visitors and students have been selected , with a contract executed with German Hettinger , a scientific display leader , to provide the  observation hall with more than 50 interactive units for all age categories, which promote thinking and cognitive skills , keeping pace with modern day development and advancements. The display items address interesting and exciting issues in physics, human body, genes science , nutrition, and the importance of sports for people. In addition, S. Center provides the fun of learning for all family members in an exciting distinct family atmosphere. A small areas has been designated for young learners aged under 5 with displays suiting their age with emphasis on their safety and cognitive development in a most entertain and beneficial means.

Al Rasheed wrapped up the event inviting scientific visitors to learn about timings, schedules and activities through Scientific Center website www.tsck.org.kw , or S. Center IPhone and android phones application , or call on 1848888 , and social media, Twitter , Instagram  and snapchat SciCenterKw.

Scientific Center opened on 17 April 2000 with a mission aimed at simplicity of science and promotion of environment awareness in an entertaining interactive atmosphere, to be a leading center in the region providing a proper environment of entertaining science and promoting environmental awareness for all ages. Scientific Center attracted more than 9.3 million visitors since inception , who enjoyed its facilities, programs, events and workshops.