DATE: 24.04.2018




For Dubai-based mechanical engineer Vinay Nagendra, his one-month-old, pearl white Toyota Prius Iconic is perfect. “I wanted a car that would be great to drive, as well as one that’s kinder to the environment,” the 31-year-old Indian expatriate explains.

As someone who cares for the environment, Vinay has had no second thoughts about choosing Prius, which is a Hybrid Electric Vehicle that pairs a gasoline engine with an electric motor. According to him, this is one of the car’s key attractions as it doesn’t see you searching desperately for a charging station. Unlike fully electric vehicles, which can run out of charge on the road, Prius works like a regular car, but, at the same time, it achieves fuel efficiency of up to 25.1 km per liter, dramatically reducing your individual carbon footprint and your contribution to air pollution. “I enjoy nature, and I want my kids to enjoy it as well.” Vinay also wanted a vehicle that’s safe. “Considering the high driving speeds, safety was one of the most important factors for me when deciding which car to buy,” he admits. As the Prius is equipped with multiple airbags, and its body is designed to absorb impact energy in a collision as well as reduce injury to pedestrians, it has safety records that instantly impressed Vinay.

“I had a chance to read some excellent reviews of the Prius, so it was an easy choice for me.” This is how Vinay ended up looking to buy a car with his 27-year-old wife, Padmashree, who wasn’t as convinced by the Prius as he was at first. “But then she test-drove it and liked it. Now she uses it all the time, and simply loves the car.” Their shared adoration for the vehicle is what saw them driving around the dusty desert in the middle of a sandstorm one Saturday afternoon for a film crew documenting savvy Prius owners in the Middle East. “This was a great and unique experience for us – it’s something we have never done before.”

“I’m terrible in front of the camera,” he laughs. “Something my wife has been pointing out since the day we met!” Despite his fear of the camera, Vinay says he was keen to do the filming, as he wants to share his positive experiences of his car with everyone. “From the first day we got it, and when my wife and I immediately went for a long drive, I realized it was more than what I had expected. The drive is smooth and quiet and the cabin is well insulated from the outside noise. Also, the performance is good and the sound system is amazing. The interiors are lovely, the console is clean and uncluttered, and it’s got a very edgy, futuristic feel. The spacious boot is an added bonus!”
“For me, the Prius is a top choice.”