STYLE WITH ATTITUDE - V6 Engine 4.0L/235 Hp, 4x4, TRD Accessories


  • TRD Alloy Wheels R17 inch
  • TRD Front bumper spoiler
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • TRD Sports bar
  • Bed liner under rail A-Deck

Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons (MNSS), one of the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies launched the tougher and bolder yet cool new 2018 Hilux special edition powered by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) accessories. The launch press conference held at Toyota Al Rai Showroom was attended by Scott McNicol General Manager Toyota Sales, Hamad Al Fouzan Product Planning Manager, representatives from Toyota Group Sales and Marketing along with distinguished members from press and media.

Hilux TRD redefines tough performance highlighting tough yet emotional design with enhanced exterior appearance and comfortable interiors. The latest edition of Hilux has a refined contemporary look as well as excellent on and off road capability. It will also appeal to active young individuals, private and family customer base. With generations of success behind, a Hilux is always the best choice.

According to Scott McNicol “This event is dedicated to Kuwait community of motoring enthusiasts, as we are going to unveil the new 2018 Toyota Hilux TRD, carrying the true spirit of Toyota racing, featuring an exclusive accessories pack from Toyota Racing development TRD.”

The impressive TRD accessories available in 2018 Hilux include TRD Front bumper spoiler, Daytime Running Lights, TRD Sports bar, TRD Bed liner under rail A-Deck, TRD Alloy Wheels R17 inch which will be available in striking colors Pearl White, Nebula Blue, Crimson Spark Red. TRD render each car instantly recognizable as unique examples, with sharper designs.

“The new Hilux is tougher than ever. High powerful engine 4000 cc – 235 HP with Tiptronic 6 Speed Transmission. You will find Hilux stunning in design and amenity – outside and inside. Performance and safety are greatly upgraded, with a new frame and suspension and range of features. All of this with the impressive accessories package from TRD. TRD reflects Toyota brand promise to drive stylish, youthful, and innovative” commented Hamad Al Fouzan.

2018 Hilux TRD Specification

  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) - Trailer Sway Control (TSC) - Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)
  • Tiptronic Transmission (ECT) 6 Speed
  • Keyless entry
  • Start / Stop button to start engine
  • Special Fabric seats
  • Navigation system + Bluetooth + DVD
  • Electronic side mirror with chrome and signal light
  • Rear Glass retractable
  • Available in striking colors

Renewed Spirit - New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux
Since the introduction of the first Hilux in 1968, over 16 million have been sold in more than 180 countries and regions.

The name Hilux, a combination of the words “high” and “luxury”, was given to underline the truck’s splendor and superiority over the competition, and the new slogan best illustrates its reputation as a sturdy, all-conquering vehicle constantly evolving to set new benchmarks for comfort and performance.

To truly understand the expectations of customers and the challenges they face on a daily basis, Toyota’s development teams travelled the globe, getting direct feedback from customers and driving on a wide variety of different roads to get a feel for different usage conditions. The development process also benefitted from invaluable feedback received directly from Hilux drivers. Some wished they could make long transcontinental trips without worrying about running out of fuel. Others described how hard it is to stay alert and drive safely during grueling long-distance journeys with extended stretches of rough driving.

Above and beyond conventional ideas of toughness, the eighth-generation Hilux provides ride comfort that make long, tough drives less grueling, a quiet cabin that allows communication in any conditions, and enhanced cruising range thanks to improved fuel efficiency. Experience Toyota’s True Essence of Racing and Performance Heritage
What is unique to TRD is that the company was founded by a group of engineers who enjoy a great passion for motorsports and were truly eager to spread the excitement and essence of motoring.

All of TRD products are designed and developed by those engineers who have deep understanding and passion for all kinds of races – from competitive and endurance, to autocross, drifting and grassroots – both in Japan and overseas. For over half a century, they have worked hard to improve the car’s performance as well as the driver’s connection with his car.

“TRD will do what others cannot do”. This was and still is their motto. They try to continuously polish their skills and craftsmanship to give customers the joy of not just striking good looks, but also good performance.

These are just a few of the reasons of why they have earned the “Racing Development” signature in the brand name. Every bit of their racing DNA is poured into each of the part, making their products extraordinary in the most emotional and inspirational way. Commitment to Customer Service
“Mohamed Naser Al Sayer is committed to the strategy of steady development in market with promising expansion plans to offer greater value for our customers. In the future, in addition to the new model launches from Toyota, we will continue to open new Toyota facilities in Fahaheel, Jahra and Abu Futeirah. With Toyota and Al Sayer you are always guaranteed the best products, services” added Scott McNicol.